Annual I.F. Competition

You find yourself in a large open room, the far wall of which is filled with large windows made up of many small panes, much like you might see in an old industrial building. Some of those windows are open to let in a little fresh air, and a handful of old ceiling fans struggle valiantly to move that air around the room. This room seems to be some sort of gathering place, and there are many people here discussing various aspects of interactive fiction. The resulting noise can sometimes get quite loud, as many of them are participating in multiple conversations simultaneously.

The two side walls of the room hold a number of doors leading into small side-rooms, in which a variety of contests appear to be taking place. People are wandering from room to room observing the events, and from time to time you can hear an outburst of laughing or applause coming from one room or another.

Hanging on the wall beside the door to the Foyer is an ancient wood-framed green chalkboard, which surely has seen better days. Across the top of the chalkboard is an artfully drawn title, cryptically reading "rec.*.int-fiction". Down the left half of the board is a neatly printed list of the events in the surrounding rooms, and the remainder of the board is filled with cartoon-like sketches of some of the regular visitors here.