The House of the Stalker
Here you are in your attic, working on the insulation. You really hate to do crap like this, but the chores have to be done. The only thing up here that keeps you from going completely bonkers is the radio you have, which blares the tunes proudly. After a particularly long fit of commercials, the radio announcer comes on. You expect him to announce the next song, but he does not do so, and something about his tone of voice calls you to listen: "This is Cory Olson, from 92.6 Rock Radio. We regret to announce, especially for those living near the Heartweight Correctional Center, that the murderous inmate, Keith Alfonzo, escaped this morning." '...those living near the Heartweight Correctional Center...' That's you. You live less than a mile away from the psycho camp. Sure, some have called you stupid for living there, but the house was REAL cheap, and nothing has ever happened to you. In fact, inmates have escaped before, and nothing ever became of it. You figure, the first thing an escapee is going to do is try to get as far away from the place as possible, for fear of getting caught again. So the Alfonzo dude is probably miles away, maybe even in the next state by now. "Keep in mind that he is armed and dangerous, and all those in the area should *** MORE ***
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