Where Evil Dwells
A few short hours ago you were in your private investigator's office sleeping- er, concentrating hard on your work when a frightened young girl named Elizabeth came to you with a sinister tale. Leaving her in the custody of your trusted landlady Mrs. Pennyworth, you hopped in your none-too-comfortable circa 1970 sedan, gunned the gas-guzzling engine, and raced to where Elizabeth had directed you. The young girl's story has brought you here, to the house... WHERE EVIL DWELLS By Paul Johnson & Steve Owens. A Creative Differences Production Release 1 / Serial number 980930 / Inform v6.14 Library 6/7 Inside Sedan You are sitting in the none-too-comfortable seat of your circa 1970 sedan, the gas-guzzling engine idling noisily. It's so loud you can scarcely hear yourself think! Through the grime-smeared windshield you can make out the grey outlines of a dilapidated old house, silhouetted against the fading, dusk sky. The door handle leers at you from the door, as if daring you to use it. You trusty shotgun is propped up on the passenger seat. *** MORE ***
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