In the Spotlight
You type on your computer, attempting to run a game program. As you type, your vision doubles and then clears. You suppose that you have been working too hard recently, and you rub your eyes with your palms. When you look at the computer screen again, scintillating dark blotches cloud and blur the edges of your vision. Maybe it wasn't a problem with your vision; most likely it was a power surge of some sort. The room does seem to be getting dimmer, almost imperceptibly so. As you attempt to scan your disappearing surroundings, the cool edge of sparkling blackness folds around your field of vision, like the hand of a lover, encompassing you insistently. The edge of your sight is bending and curling in upon itself. As your ability to see diminishes, you feel panic approaching. The claustrophobic but familiar darkness overtakes you and adrenaline shoots through your uncomprehending skull, and you realize that you are shaking, wobbling unsteadily as your ability to see the world rapidly fades from you. What light now remains condenses and clarifies upward into a perfect radiant circle, and you arch your neck to try to interpret and maintain it. Directly beneath this last, inscrutable white light, simple shapes gleam at your feet. IN THE SPOTLIGHT An Unexpected Intelligence Test Copyright (c) 1998 by John Byrd. All rights reversed. *** MORE ***
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