Human Resources Stories
You're a computer programmer, down on luck and out of work, middle-aged with responsibilities. Although you yearn to work for a game company, they'll never hire you. All of them either require tons of experience, or expect you to work for free for a couple of years. You briefly wonder if they'll ever accept your application as a computer-savvy janitor, but you shake away the thought. You do, after all, have responsibilities... So here you are, living out of your suitcase, bouncing from one company to another. All of them claim to be leading hi-tech developers because they work their employees like bees. Each takes pride in paying the best, brightest, most talented people in the industry sub-average salary. You wonder if being a local chain fast-food restaurant manager pays better after all. Finally, you arrive at this company. You apply for a computer programmer position. All seems well. The people are reasonably polite and bright. The smooth-talking interviewer even gives you all the necessary materials to study for the interview. The following is the story of your life. Human Resources Stories In Search of Employment Copyright 1998 by Harry M. Hardjono Release 1 / Serial number 980830 / Inform v6.11 *** MORE ***
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