A Dino's Night Out
Lately you've been having doubts. Doubts concerning your role in life, doubts concerning the attitude of those around you. Is your life here wasted? Are you truly fulfilling your destiny? This feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration has persisted for a while. Today, a fleeting glimpse from a tape that Tim and his sister were watching, disturbed you in a way you can't exactly describe. Tonight you decide not to return from your nightly excursions, until you've resolved the feelings of doubt that have been assailing you... A Dino's Night Out An Interactive Silliness Copyright (c) 2000 by Aris Katsaris. (Type 'About' for info) Release 1 / Serial number 000331 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/10 Bedroom (on the bed) Moonlight shines through the window, illuminating the bed upon which your 'owner' Tim, lies sleeping. To the west is a walk-in closet - to the northeast is the doorway leading to *** MORE ***
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