A Stegosaur's Night Out, or, The Taming of a Brat.
Life is hard in Piedmont, even for the predators. And you, a perfectly respectable stegosaurus - or rather a plastic replica of one - know this all too well. Handed over to that insufferable brat, Prince Charles, during Palace Minister Primo Varicella's coup d'etat, in which he managed to assassinate all of his rivals and gain the Regency of Piedmont, you've had to suffer, day after day, the indignity of being battered by plastic robots, assaulted by toy cars, and sneered at by your pint-sized new King. But if he was bad then, he's worse now. For three weeks after the coup, Primo Varicella kept Charles under deep sedation with tablets from the palace alchemist, but Charles got wise to the fact, and hurled Varicella and his manicurist in the dungeons, to be tortured and executed the morning after. Now, you liked Primo Varicella. He was the only person in the rotten state of *** MORE ***
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