Dino Hunt
Today, Mom decided to let you go to the playground! You are the only kid here today, but you never let that stop you from having fun. If only it weren't for the nagging feeling that you've forgotten something... DINO HUNT A Prehistoric Safari Copyright (c) 2000 by an Admiral Jota. All rights freely given away. Release 1 / Serial number 000319 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 D Sand Box The sand box has always been your favorite part of the playground. Sometimes, you bring your toy soldiers here and have great battles in the middle of an endless desert. Other times, Ken and Barbie become Frankie and Annette for a game of Beach Blanket Bingo. Today, you want to play dinosaurs. It's too bad you forgot to bring them with you. The swingset is east of you, and the slide is to the west. The basketball hoop is at the north end of the playground. *** MORE ***
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