Jenny snapped her gum - audible even over the screams coming from the TV. "Okay, like, shut up. I'm going to read the opening of the game..." Randy cut her off. "Do we need to hear this again?" "Way!" She rolled her eyes for effect. "She hasn't played before," Jenny nodded at you, "so just sit there and shut up. It's not like you won't win anyway." Randy settled back, and Jenny cleared her throat theatrically. "'In his will, Baron von Frufenhortz left behind an enormous fortune to whichever of his ruthless relatives could capture the most of ten magical treasures he'd hidden in his Transklovanian castle. In this game, you will use cunning, daring and luck to outwit your opponents in the search for the treasures, and the race to bring them to the finish line. The game proceeds as each player rolls dice or plays special cards...'" Pam slid in behind you, whispering in your ear. "I know why you're playing this stupid game." You tried to swat her away, but she was insistent. "It's because Randy likes it, and you like Randy." You remember blushing furiously. "Shut up!" you hissed. "I'm trying to listen to the rules." *** MORE ***
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