Annoyed Undead
Vampire. Undead. Devourer of Souls. Scourge of the Night. Drinker of Blood. Spawn of Satan. Jerk. These names, and many more, have all been yours. You are a vampire, and have lived for over 3000 years. Unlike others of your kind, however, you have not watched kingdoms rise and fall. You have not witnessed time changing everything. For you, eternity goes by in quick flashes of experience. You awaken, you slaughter a few hapless peasants, and at the first intuition that someone's on to you and might get the idea of driving a stake through your heart, you hop back into your coffin and sleep for 500 years. The last time this happened was particularly close. Someone had said to you "Boy, you need a tan or something!" You shudder to think about how close you were to discovery. 500 years later, it still disturbs you. Age has its advantages, even if most of the time you're asleep. For instance, you no longer need to feed regularly - once a week or so will do. You can command vermin, and sometimes an occasional dog or cat. Once, you walked around *** MORE ***
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