Sampler 2
Welcome to Infocom! Score: 0 Moves: 0 Welcome to the world of Infocom's interactive fiction! This Sampler contains an interactive fiction Tutorial, as well as excerpts from three Infocom titles: Zork I, Trinity, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos. The Tutorial will introduce you to the concept of interactive fiction. In it, you'll be guided through a brief sample scenario taken from Wishbringer, a popular Infocom title. You'll learn how to communicate with an Infocom story, and pick up tips for solving the types of puzzles you'll encounter in the other excerpts. We recommend that you try the Tutorial first, especially if you've had little or no experience with interactive fiction. The excerpt from Zork I, Infocom's classic fantasy story, includes your discovery of the ancient caverns of the Great Underground Empire. In the Leather Goddesses of Phobos sample, you'll frolick through a zany parody of 1930's pulp space opera. In Trinity, a contemporary fantasy, you will search for a dimensional door leading to a strange universe in which fantasy meets reality. Please hit the RETURN/ENTER key to continue...
\u = up arrow \d = down arrow \l = left arrow \r = right arrow
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