Spider and Web
On the whole, it was worth the trip. The plains really were broad and grain- gold, if scarred with fences and agricultural crawlers. The mountains were overwhelming. And however much of the capital city is crusted with squat brick and faceless concrete hulks, there are still flashes of its historic charm. You've seen spires above the streets -- tiny green parks below tenements -- hidden jewels of fountains beyond walls. Any bland alley can conceal balconies wrought into iron gardens, fiery mosaics, a tree or bed of flowers nurtured by who knows who. This alley, however, is a total washout. It ends in flat bare dirty brick, and you've found nothing but a door which lacks even the courtesy of a handle. Maybe you should call it a day. Spider And Web Interactive Fiction Copyright 1997-8 by Andrew Plotkin. (First-time players should type "about". For credits, "credits".) Release 4 / Serial number 980226 / Inform v6.14 Library 6/6 Standard interpreter 1.0 End of Alley It's a narrow dead end here, with walls rising oppressively high in three *** MORE ***
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