[The interpreter thinks your screen is 79x25. It is recommended that you use at least 80x24.] ROBOTS - Another abuse of the Z-Machine A nostalgic diversion by Torbjörn Andersson Release 6 / Serial number 980115 / Inform v6.14 "You can't miss it," they said. "A white house in a clearing with a small mailbox outside; just open the kitchen window and the entrance to the Great Underground Empire isn't far away." You found the house and the window all right, and a trapdoor leading down. But as the trapdoor crashed shut behind you, you realized that something was very wrong. Surely the GUE shouldn't look like a large square room with bare walls, and what about those menacing shapes advancing towards you...? [Press any key to continue.]
\u = up arrow \d = down arrow \l = left arrow \r = right arrow
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