[The interpreter thinks your screen is 79x25. It is recommended that you use at least 80x24.] ZOMBIES - Yet another abuse of the Z-Machine A nostalgic diversion by David Magnus Ledgard with a large portion of the code shamelessly borrowed from Torbjörn Andersson, a tiny tiny portion being lifted from Infocom's "The Lurking Horror". Release 1 / Serial number 990524 / Inform v6.15 >LOOK Dead Storage This is a storage room. It contains an incredible assemblage of discarded junk. Some of it is so old and mouldering that you can't be sure where one bit of junk stops and the next begins. It's piled to the ceiling on ancient, rotting pallets. A narrow path winds eastward through the junk. >SEARCH JUNK You find many worthless items of hardware, old discarded memos and papers, but nothing of any use or value. But wait... What's that in the corner? A lesser adventurer may have passed this by but not you. It seems to be an old Commodore PET computer and looks like it just might work. Next to the computer are two tapes one with the word "Zombies" scrawled *** MORE ***
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