The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!
Bathroom >spray hair with spray Moisturiser gently seeps into your follicles, leaving your hair bouncy, full of life, and ready to face the day. But something feels odd... as if the hairspray can is growing in your hand... soon it is as long as your arm, and you run in terror as it crashes to the floor. You turn for the door, only to realise it's receding into the distance... Bathroom (much bigger than before) >w It seems forever till you make the door, and when you do, you wish you hadn't. With an AWWWK that sends chills through your spine, Peter, the family parrot, descends. It's a dizzying ride... somewhere long the way, you lose consciousness... then, as you awake in the kitchen, you realise, perhaps too late, that you are... *** MORE ***
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