Comp00ter Game
Hey this is my game I don't really know what I'm supposed to put in this thing. The IDM (is that wath it's called)? said I must put a routine called Initialize but haha it speld it wrong!!! So I spelled speld wrong to, get it??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I dont know why a means "do a new line", because every1 knows you just press the big ENTER key when you want to put a new line but oh well I guess I will do what they say. I hope I have this programmming thing figured out. This is my comp00ter game haha get it it is for comp00 (those are zeros, like the number after -1) so I didnt call it a computer game (even thoug I doo know how to spell, like I said about my other joke befor) I called it a comp00ter game with zerois indstead of regular letter os. Now I wonder what is the difference between the o and the O and the 0 when io type thenm they all look about the same? How does the computer I mean comp00ter haha know the ifference? But I'd better stop this and get onto the game. (Tell you a secreyt I actually forgot I was still writing the introduction text so the joke's on me after all now I will do the real game. Enjo!)y Object -> Comp00ter "It's a comp00ter game hahahaha joke hahaha" has *** MORE ***
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