Dinner with Andre
"You know, you really do have wonderful eyes." You can't help but blush, and smile a little. You look down into your wine glass demurely. "This has been a fantastic evening," he continues. "And I'm not just saying that because you're buying me dinner." You both laugh a little. There's a long silence, but not an uncomfortable one. For the first time since you arrived, you become aware of the gentle background music in the restaurant, the soft murmur of other diners. Finally, he glances down at the pair of empty plates and says, "So, how should we end this perfect ni--" Your waiter appears and begins clearing away the dishes. Noisily. You struggle to peer around the intruding arms. What was he going to say? You can't catch his eye. Finally, the waiter nods curtly and disappears. There's silence at the table again, but heavier this time. The Question is out there. *** MORE ***
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