It's eight a.m. and you are tired and have a throbbing headache. What a relief to be stepping off the subway train. The trip reinforced your long held belief that late night partying should not be mixed with early morning public transit use. Noise from the train's incessantly clacking wheels has left you feeling as if the drummer from a speed metal band used your head as a snare drum during a performance of a power ballad. A street level subway exit lets you out a few blocks from your morning's destination. Forgoing a taxi, you begin walking in the hope that your head will clear. Instead of clearing though, your mind begins to wander. It drifts back several hours to when you were toasting to 'new beginnings and good fortune'. Just one toast from your vast repertoire. As your walk continues forward, your thoughts continue to float backwards. They flitter over many bad memories from last year that led to last night's binge. This past year has been one to forget. You recall many fights with your ex. Some severe enough to be suitable as material for a dark comedy on marital strife like, "The War of the Roses". In hindsight it was a mistake to become a business partner with your marriage partner. At least The divorce proceedings were simple--bankruptcy left nothing of value for the lawyers to contest about. Nearly at the end of the walk, your thoughts return to the business at hand. *** MORE ***
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