Guess the Verb!
The smell of cotton candy, warm lemonade, and grass induces an exciting sort of nausea in your stomach. This year (finally!), your parents have decided that you're old enough to wander the midway of the Avogadro County Fair without adult supervision. After sitting through the mandatory safety lecture (a small price to pay for being spared the Hall of Farming Implements), you are sent off to fend for yourself for two glorious hours. Immediately spending three-quarters of your allotted dollar on a corn dog, you find yourself curiously drawn by the necessities of the plot to a brightly lit carnival booth that invites you to... GUESS THE VERB! An Effective Enumeration Copyright 2000 Leonard Richardson ( Web page: Type HELP for help, CREDITS for credits, ABOUT for... about. Release 1 / Serial number 861002 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/10 Verb Guessing Booth The cramped, brightly-lit booth before which you stand is the field of play for a carnival game with the improbable name of "Guess The Verb". Lalrry, the jovial natural language parser inside the booth, broadcasts a well-rehearsed patter promising great prizes and fun for all ages; high adventure and *** MORE ***
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