Stupid Kittens
In Karen's Room Score: 0 Moves: 1 Hello my name is Karen I am a girl. I have a kitten, who's name is Fuzzle. He is bad. And fat. Do a trick Fuzzles. He doesn't do the trick he sits in his basket. An sometimes he poops. On the basket. Or licks his, butt. He is stupid. Do a trick! Nope he doesn't do it. Stupid Kittens By Pollyanna Huffington (Type HINTS if you need them, ya'll) Rating: Mature Players Release 1 / Serial number 000930 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/10 In Karen's Room (in the basket) Karen's room smells like perfume and dustbunnies and stuff. The exit is north. You can see Karen here. She's holding a grenade. You can also see a computer and a tripod (on which is a webcam) here. In the basket you can see a stuffed toy mouse. >
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