Withdrawal Symptoms
Not entirely without trepidation you were slowly walking towards the entrance of the bank. You were finally about to find out what the bank case, to which you inherited the key, contained. The bank building looked very much like a bastion of old times - enormous, invulnerable and almost outright frightening. After coming this far, surely the rest would only be a simple matter of formalities. Withdraval Symptoms An Interactive Transaction Copyright (c) 2000 by Niclas Carlsson. Type "About" for more information. Release 2 / Serial number 000930 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 Large Bank Room This is quite an ordinary bank room. It is tastefully furnished with green plants and there is a long wooden counter which has a thick glass screen on it separating the teller from the customers. There is a staircase, discretely hidden behind some plants by the wall, leading down. There is also a slightly separated children's corner to the east. Next to the wall is a trashcan. The room is crowded with unpatient customers waiting to go about their business. *** MORE ***
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