Being Andrew Plotkin
File Room Score: 0 Moves: 1 At last, your troubled fortunes seemed to come to an end. It all happened very quickly: the callback from Red Hat, the bizarre interview with Human Resources, the handshake, the filling out of W-2 forms, and then your first day of work. You thought maybe your experience writing Interactive Fiction games (sixteenth place in the last IF Comp, a good improvement from 33rd place the year before that) had finally landed you a programming job. But no, you seemed to qualify only for menial clerical work. You took it. What else could you do? Sigh. File Room This bleak room with its short, slumping ceiling does nothing to brighten your morale. Short file cabinets, marked in reverse alphabetical order, crawl in a line along the walls like an army of stupid robots. One measly window lets in a tiny square of sunlight. You see a copier machine here. >
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