I am standing on the platform of a railway station - it's miserable, it's damp, and all the seats are taken by stuck-up grannies and biddies and ghastly yacht- clubbers. While waiting for the train, which is taking ages, I peer over to the opposite platform, and notice a familiar figure. I can't believe it! It's Daniel! After all these years! But he hasn't noticed me yet. Barely able to conceal the joy in my voice, I step over to the edge of the platform and shout "Daniel Maguire! What the FUCK are you doing here?" And he notices me and shouts "Alex Moran, would you ever shut the FUCK up, you cross-eyed WANKER!" And I reply "Go FUCK yourself, ASSHOLE!" and he replies "Suck me off, you BENT BASTARD!". And the two of us run up and down the platforms, joyously shouting abuse at each other across three lines of track. And all the stuck-up grannies and biddies and ghastly yacht-clubbers waiting at the station stare at us as if we are mad. But we carry on, running up and down, screaming profanities, and let the rest of the world GO FUCK ITSELF! RAMESES A Tale of Heroes Copyright (c) 2000 by Stephen Bond. First time players should type ABOUT. *** MORE ***
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