*** SHADE *** A brief story by "Ampe R. Sand" (Andrew Plotkin) First-time players should type "about". Release 3 / Serial number 001127 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 Odd, how the light just makes your apartment gloomier. Pre-dawn darkness pools in the corners and around the tops of walls. Your desk lamp glares yellow, but the shadows only draw your eyes and deepen. Not much of an apartment, no. One desk, paper-piled, with a dusty computer shoved to the side. Your futon. Second-hand stereo sitting on a cardboard crate. A kitchen nook one way and a bathroom nook the other, with a closet to the side. A broad mirror tries to make the place seem twice its size; it halfway works. One window, whose shade is down, and the front door firmly shut. Your luggage is piled untidily by the door. A potted hyacinth sits beneath the window. You are sprawled on the futon, staring up into that gloom. Your eyes feel gritty. But it's too late -- early -- no time left for sleep, anyway. In a few hours your ride will arrive. *** MORE ***
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