Punkirita Quest One: Liquid
Dvelish rushed to the town council, you remember it with a vividly. It was last week. Dvelish, the stranger, had returned from his journy to the sacred caves and brought ill news. "The Wizard is at the cave! We are doomed!" The town council question him and found that he had been examing the cave when he heard the air charge with magic and a mage appear. The mage persisted on trying to capture Dvelish, but was unsuccesful, as he begot his spell with an brigade of coughs. Wizards are always bad news. An expidition revealed that his name was Hydris and that the mystical waters of the cave were under his tight scrutiny. So far no one has been captured, but the magical water that makes this town what it is has started acting strangly. An Oracle was sent for, and brought back. She revealed that only the one with the glow of compassion, unarmed, could defeat the wizard. That's when it became youragenda. The councilman entered your parents shop and spoke with you. When a new born baby is born in this town is always brought to the cavern for the Bath. The first bathing of a child is said to be very important, and indeed *** MORE ***
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