Life sucks. Today has been just another crummy day in another dismal spring which you've spent delivering pizzas. This afternoon has totally been dragging, except for that bit of excitement an hour ago when you broke the soda machine. You thought your boss was going to rip you a new orifice. Anyway, you've just finished mopping up behind the counter. There's only one more hour left on your shift and you're anxious to get out of here. Go home, watch the tube, blast some tunes, maybe scan the new "Surfers Monthly" magazine... gonna be a nice relaxing evening. Shyeah, right. That's what YOU think. REVERBERATIONS A Hectic Voltairian Adventure Copyright (c) 1996 by Russell Glasser. Release 1 / Serial number 961015 / Inform v1502 Library 5/12 D Standard interpreter 1.0 Behind the Counter You are behind the counter at "Mr. Tasty's Pizza Parlor", where you are currently working. Not much of a job, but it keeps you from going broke during the nine months of the year when you can't pull down the bucks as surfing instructor. The rest of the parlor is southwest. *** MORE ***
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