Of Forms Unknown
Summer on a college campus is rarely exciting, and this year is no exception. Your fellow students won't be returning for three more weeks, and the endless grind of your job at the computer center is not anyone's idea of entertainment. Yesterday was the first of September, and autumn is moving in. But the long drag of classes won't start for weeks. Restless would be one way to describe your mood; bored sick would be another. Last night, you had odd dreams: a circle, turning endlessly, and carrying you on its back across strange lands; yourself grown double, and dueling with cold- blazing swords; and others, stranger yet. Then the alarm went off, and you emerged into another mundane day. Maybe something will come along to entertain you.... OF FORMS UNKNOWN An Interactive Excursion Copyright (c) 1996 by Chris Markwyn. (First time players should type 'about'.) *** MORE ***
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