The Town Dragon
Pushed into the middle of a "volunteer" line, you find yourself exactly where you did not want to be, that is, in line at all. "You men are all a bunch of cowards!!!", cries the mayor. "My daughter has been held captive by that foul dragon for three weeks. How many of you weak and insufferable MEN will die attempting to rescue her? I want my daughter saved and I'll have another volunteer........................NOW!!!" The Town Dragon Interactive Fiction for 1997 Competition By David A. Cornelson (1997) - Last Compiled: 29-Sep-1997 Beta Testers: Mary K. Kuhner, Bernd Shmidt, Marshall T. Vandegrift. Release 2 / Serial number 970929 / Inform v6.14 Library 6/7 Town Square You are in the town square. To the southeast you see a supply store and roads in all major directions. The mayor is here. There are several men, along with yourself, lined up facing the mayor. *** MORE ***
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