Cattus Atrox
Muddled from wine, you walk into the cold and damp night, hugging yourself. Looking back for a moment, you reflect on the evening, wondering why you felt unnerved. Everyone's attention was on Susan, the new marketing rep at work. Despite the fact that everyone thought she was interested in Scott, you were the one to capture her attention and her phone number. It all felt rather odd, and yet exhilarating at the same time. Looking up the street, you see fog and flickering lights in the moonless night. Cattus Atrox An Interactive Fiction Story - The 4th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition Author: David A. Cornelson ( Rel: 3.981001 Helpers: Christopher Huang*, Trevor Mendham, Mary Kuhner*, Vincent Lynch, Bernd Schmidt This work of IF contains strong language, violence, and sexual descriptions. It is not intended for children or anyone with a distaste for such things. Release 3 / Serial number 981001 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 Sidewalk On a sidewalk, in front of Scott's house, a thick fog moves through the neighborhood like a misty white river. Your home is to the north. *** MORE ***
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